Jim Jackson to Keynote Innovate 2010 – Automotive Dealers Learn How to Win in Today’s Economy

n n n n Jim Jackson to Keynoten Innovate 2010 – Annual Autostar Users’ Conference for Automotive Dealers. October 24-27, 2010.n n Jim Jackson is an executive coach, professional trainer, and nationally recognized author. He has been inspiring automotive dealers as well as many other audiences for more than 25 years. You can learn more…

Exceeding Customer Expectations – Garrett Popcorn Does it Again!

n n Everyone loved my story about Garrett Popcorn (check out “Business Excellence: Lessons from Garrett Popcorn” posted 08/04/10) — and I received a lot of terrific comments from you, my readers. I was happy with the popcorn, the story, and the feedback, and I didn’t think the Garrett Popcorn experience could get any better….